STEM 3.12 Text Alternative

STEM Career STEM Job Health Happiness Safety Response
Electrician Test the grounding on swimming pool equipment to prevent electrocution. While pools are fun, and swimming can keep us healthy, electricians preventing electrocution keep us safe!
Cytotechnologist Save a child’s life by detecting a serious infection in his blood samples and informing the doctors. Cytotechnologists detecting infections in blood samples certainly keeps us safe, but more importantly, they protect our overall health! Being healthy and alive is something to be happy about.
Audiologist Screen newborns for hearing loss and refer affected patients to appropriate services. When audiologists can detect needs early, development will be improved with the right services. This improves the childs health, primarily, but ultimately their safety and happiness, too!
Computer Programmer Program and test the autopilot for an airplane’s flight control system. It is reassuring to know that the controls for planes are well tested by computer programmers before takeoff! This keeps us safe, and happy, too!
Database Administrator Protect bank accounts from hackers by adding security features to a bank’s financial database. We work hard for our money, and database admistrators keep our money safe from hackers and thieves. The reassurance can keep us happy, too!
Multimedia Artist/ Animator Help develop a full-length 3D, animated motion picture, or create the characters for a new Saturday morning cartoon. Multimedia artists and animators help our imaginations come alive on the big and small screens! It is nice to relax and enjoy the work of teams of creative animators.
Nanosystems Engineer Design a new lightweight, but super-strong, fabric out of nano-materials to make into bulletproof suits that protect our soldiers, civil servants, and governmental leaders. Old versions of bullet-proof gear were bulky and difficult to wear while doing the job. Chemists and engineers have created fibers and nano-materials that keep people safe from harm.
Microsystems Engineer Help a child with cerebral palsy walk by creating an internal medication pump for anti-muscle-spasm drugs. Engineers often work with doctors to develop tools to help keep us healthy, and improve our quality of life. This child’s health is improved, and he or she could be happier with improved mobility.
Statistician Develop metrics to help a baseball team manager evaluate a player. Entertainment of all kinds has been influenced by STEM. Statisticians help our favorite teams keep better records and hopefully win more!

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