STEM 4.3 Text Alternative

For each phrase, identify if it represents extrinsic, intrinsic, prestige, or social. Give yourself one point for each one you get correct.

Phrase Value
I want a good paying career so I am able to buy the things I want. Extrinsic
I want to be my own boss, or simply have work flexibility. Intrinsic
It is important that I have a career where I am always able to find employment. Extrinsic
I want to work with others to solve important problems for our world. Social
It is important that I have a passion and love for my work. Intrinsic
I want job security so I can support a family. Extrinsic
I want a job that allows me to improve my social status. Prestige
I want to do work that helps others, and improves lives. Social
I want a career where people recognize and value my hard work. Prestige
I like to work independently at times, to solve a piece of a bigger puzzle. Intrinsic
I like for people to respect me for my contributions. Prestige
I want the work I do to make a difference in the world. Social



If you scored 9 or less, it is recommended that you review the different types of work values.

If you scored 10 or more, you seem to be able to identify how the different work values might present among students.

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