STEM 4.1 Agenda

Sections of this module include: 1. Module Introduction, 2. Demand and Opportunity, 3. Messaging, 4. Work Values (current section), 5. Summary, 6. Final Assessment

Our society is multicultural. This diversity yields a variety of personal values among its citizens.  Work goals or values are expressions of basic values in the work setting. The ways in which our personal priorities align with these basic values relate to our attitudes and behavior towards work, and are an indicator of our job satisfaction. When we choose a career, we ideally seek one that aligns with our personal work values.

This section prepares you to link basic work values to STEM careers, and ultimately to increase interest and awareness among your students.

In this section on Work Values, you will:

  1. Learn about the four key work values.
  2. Relate the four key work values to STEM careers.
  3. Practice identifying student work values and describing STEM careers in relevant ways.