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Mighty Micromessages for Student Success (Session J05)

Micromessages are small, subtle, unconscious messages we send while communicating with others, whether by voice, tone, or action. These messages can be either positive or negative, stem from our implicit biases, and affect relationships. This workshop will discuss the various types of micromessages, how micromessages impact students, how to encourage persistence through the use of micro-affirmations, and how to inoculate students from internalizing micro-inequities that, over time, affect their potential.

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  • Practice identifying how biases are manifested in how you communicate
  • Take the Implicit Association Test and reflect on the results.
  • Address micro-inequities and challenge stereotypes
  • Actively provide intentional micro-affirmations
  • Intentionally build student self-efficacy.

meaganpollock-headshot-2015-edit-thumbnailAbout the Instructor

Dr. Meagan Pollock is the Director of Professional Development for the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity. In this role, Meagan leads a national team of equity professionals that build educators’ capacity to implement effective solutions for increasing student access, educational equity and workforce diversity.

Before turning her focus on the intersection of education and equity, Meagan worked as an engineer for Texas Instruments. Meagan was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and she holds a PhD in engineering education from Purdue University, a MS in electrical engineering from Texas Tech University, and a BS in computer science from Texas Woman’s University. As an engineer turned educator, Meagan is focused on engineering equity into education and the workforce.

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Meagan Pollock: (m) 512-739-0774, MPollock@napequity.org

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