MM 3.7 Strategies to Increase Micro-Affirmations

Topic Progress:

2 students looking at the sky through binoculars

    1. Learn to provide micromessages that support student self-efficacy.
    2. Plan to affirm every student and ensure others are affirming as well.
    3. Create a culture of affirmation in your class by not tolerating negative comments and practicing affirmations to create energy and acceptance among your students – You rock!
    4. Be intentional. There is a moment before you react that you can be more thoughtful in your response. Will you be affirmative in your message?
    5. Practice micro-affirmations and measure each small impact through student outcomes. Remember that change takes:
      • Time – a year or more!
      • Effort – a conscious plan!
      • Support – of your peers and a learning community!
    6. Before teaching a new concept, have your students reflect on a positive experience they had while learning something new as a way to affirm their ability to learn.