NT 1.2 Agenda

Topic Progress:

Figure 1: Sections and Sub-sections of the Module

Sections and sub-sections of the module

  1. Module Introduction
  2. Perkins Core Indicators and CTE Success
  3. The Impact of Micromessages on CTE Participation
  4. Root Causes of Low Participation and Strategies
    1. Internal or Individual Barriers
    2. Educational Environment
    3. Quality of Career Information
    4. Family Characteristics
    5. Societal Influences
  5. Next Steps: Program Improvement

After completing the module, we urge you to develop a program improvement plan using the material you find within this module. For now, we will go through the sections one-by-one as they build upon one another. It is important to know that this is simply a first step and undertaking a comprehensive program improvement plan is imperative if your goal is long-term change and an increase in student success. At the end of the module, we will introduce the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity’s STEM Equity Pipeline Program Improvement Process.