NA 2.4 Video: Single Story about Native American Students

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In her video, Adichie expresses how impressionable and vulnerable we are in the face of a Single Story, especially as children. Each of us carries Single Stories about the world around us and the people with whom we interact. We may be surprised when an experience helps us recognize Single Stories within us. Watch this video with Dr. Wren Walker Robbins to reflect on and explore your Single Stories in relation to Native Americans.

Wren began her journey into science by becoming mesmerized by the cell life in a pond on her parent’s farm. Her curiosity took her on a long journey, from a family where she was the first to graduate college through a post-doc at Harvard Medical School, from hard science to a dedication to STEM education with a personal sense of urgency about equity in access in science.

In Wren’s own word’s, “I’m a two-spirit woman of Mohawk descent with a PhD in cell biology. I am a pipe-carrier and member of the Mountain Spirit Lodge Society. Over the past 4 years I worked with hundreds of educators to address equity and access in STEM education. What I discover, as I uncover traditional knowing and synthesize the diverse parts of my own identity, has inspired me to rethink education. I offer a map to revitalize science education as it operates within diverse classrooms and in a world just beginning to recognize its many cultural traditions.”

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