NA 6.3 Summary

Topic Progress:

While you followed along with Mr. Kirby and Ms. Two-Rivers, you took the first steps on your own journey to better support Native American students in your classroom. You reviewed startling statements and statistics about the performance gap of Native American students. You heard about Single Stories and reflected on the stories you carry with you and how they affect your teaching. You learned about how traditional Native American values sometimes differ from the values of the dominant Western culture and how indigenous knowledge can complement traditional formal education. You examined micromessages and how they can manifest themselves in the classroom. You explored Ms. Cedar’s classroom and learned about the experiences of Linda Changing Horse. Finally, you made a plan to take a specific action toward a goal of a more equitable classroom environment for all your students.

You can review all of your reflections in this course at any time.

  1. Go to your Modules page.
  2. Click the triangle to expand the details for the Native American Education module.
  3. Click the clipboard under Statistics for the reflection you want to view.

Congratulations on all you have accomplished and learned in this course!