STEM 1.2 Agenda

Topic Progress:

The overarching goal of this module is to increase your awareness of opportunities and pathways to STEM careers, and to prepare you to engage every student in STEM career exploration using positive and appealing language.

Each section within this module on STEM careers provides you with some text to read for understanding, interactive activities to teach you and challenge you, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

After completing the module, you should now develop a plan for integrating the messages and ideas into your practice.  The summary page at the end of each section has a list of SUPER STRATEGIES that you can implement in the classroom.  These are reviewed in the final summary, Section 5.

Figure 1

Figure 1: A horizontal chart describing the six sections in the module. Section 1 Module Introduction is highlighted. Section 2: Demand and Opportunity. Section 3: Messaging. Section 4: Work Values. Section 5 Summary. Section 6 Final Assessment