STEM 3.12 Health, Happiness, Safety (continued)

STEM careers are essential to our health, happiness, and safety. Nine STEM careers will be presented to you with an example of a job in that career. Consider whether that job contributes more to health, happiness, or safety.

Click the option which you think most corresponds to the job, then click Submit. To move to the next question, click Next. Remember, although more than one category may be appropriate, choose the best one.

One way to have students look deeper into STEM careers and their impact on health, happiness, and safety is to have them perform the following activity:

  1. Direct students to visit
  2. Instruct students to select the green tab labeled Science Careers.
  3. Below the colored tabs, they will see grey tabs for careers in STEM.
  4. Have students explore the list of occupations and examples of what one might do in these careers.
  5. As a last step, have students identify different careers that contribute to health, happiness, and safety.

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