STEM 3.1 Agenda

Sections of this module include: 1. Module Introduction, 2. Demand and Opportunity, 3. Messaging (current section), 4. Work Values, 5. Summary, 6. Final Assessment

Students generally have a poor understanding of what STEM careers are and what STEM professionals do. Misunderstandings, driven by stereotypes and bias, discourage many students from identifying a career in STEM as an option. We must change the conversation from old messages about STEM, to new messages that are effective at peaking the interests of many types of students.The goal of this section is to equip you with positive and effective messaging for talking to students about careers in STEM.

In this section on Messaging, you will:

  1. Read about why it is important to increase student awareness of STEM careers.
  2. Take a quiz to test your awareness of STEM careers.
  3. Learn some of the reasons for the disparity in STEM disciplines, and why key messaging matters.
  4. Identify the three key messages about STEM to use in place of old messages that reinforce negative stereotypes.
  5. Practice using the key messages to explore and describe STEM careers.